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January 16, 2011

Spurs fans say no to Stratford


Spurs fans used today’s vital match with Manchester United to begin their protests against the clubs possible move to the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. Fans chanted ‘say no to Stratford, North London is ours’ throughout the first half.

It was at half time though when the protests got really loud. As you will see from the picture below one fan in the Park Lane end climbed up and put his banner up into the TV studio.

Things are going well for Tottenham at the moment, but rumblings of disquiet at the proposed move have turned to proper protest, and it will only gain momentum.
Update: As pointed out in the comments feed, the banner wielding fan on the Sky box was indeed female, not male as originally posted. She was not arrested for her actions, but has been banned from White Hart Lane for the next three games. 
January 10, 2011

>The David Beckham loan to Spurs saga continues

>David Beckham is this morning finally at Spurs’ training ground. However, he is only meeting the medical staff, and some reports yesterday have suggested he may only ever train with the team, and not register as a player. IT would not be surprising if this moe simple arrangement was made. The Galaxy are not that keen on Beckham gallivanting off every few months, and he had a similar arrangement with Arsenal a couple of seasons back.

Except VN is not convinced. It has come to VN’s attention that Beckham has not only moved back to his old pad in Hertfordshire, but that his children are attending a school in the area. Hardly something you do if you are only planing to be around for a few weeks.

With Victoria announcing she is expecting another child, (congratulations,) could the Beckham’s be making a more permanent move to this side of the pond? Is the deal taking so long because it is actually more long term? Beckham could certainly contribute to Spurs, and the mixed messages are classic Redknapp when something is going on.

Watch this space we reckon.

January 5, 2011

>Bobby Dean’s David Beckham fantasy


As LA Galaxy confirm that they are ‘open’ to David Beckham going out on loan, a one-time fantasy is rapidly materialising into reality. Although with it, the ancient contest between heart and mind erupts once again – will it be good for Tottenham Hostpur Football Club?

David Beckham is a hero of mine, when I say I have a hand-drawn picture and his annual calendar up in my bedroom I am not descending into inflated, fictional imagery for the sake of reinforcing my status as an uncompromising fanboy – I’m making an open admission that any socially-aware 20 year old man shouldn’t make. I am without a doubt a direct product of the Beckham Generation. I’ve grown up idolising his every move and effort, on and off the pitch, and he has given me some of the most special memories of my life – not least that freekick against Greece. To me, he is nothing short of a hero.

There is however one entity in football that attracts even greater devotion from me and that is, of course, my beloved Spurs. From Darren Anderton to Gareth Bale, I’ve followed and supported Tottenham Hotspur through a lifetime of mid-table mediocrity, hopeless underachievement, and the occasional cup-run – and often in the rubbish “insert drinking product brand here” cup for that matter. “I’m Tottenham ‘til I die”, as I’ve so often screamed in the company of thousands of others.

But things are so different now. Becks is nearly a decade away from that memorable freekick, and Spurs recently embarrassed the Champions of Europe as they swaggered their way into the knockout stages of the Champions League. With the likes of Lennon, Bale, Van Der Vaart and Modric setting the world alight, where is the room for a 35 year old Beckham who has been plying his trade in the nauseatingly comfortable Los Angeles for the past few years?

The nay-sayers’ argument goes a little something like this: “Beckham to Spurs? What do they want him for? He’s too old, his legs won’t keep up with the Premier League, besides they’re doing fine without him – wouldn’t want to disrupt their form. The media circus that surrounds him won’t be good for the club either – it’s all about him, him, him. It must be about selling shirts”.

If it is at all possible, and I dare say it isn’t at all, I would like to claim with minimal bias that the nay-sayers are wrong. Of course if I was speaking with my heart alone there is no question; but the battle for my mind is a little more complicated, and I still settle in favour. Here’s five reasons why:

  1. David Beckham is an absolute professional. Not only does this mean he will set a fantastic example to the rest of the squad, but he will ensure that he is fit enough to play at this level if it’s the last thing he does.
  2. He will not, and never has been, effected by the pace of the game. The argument that he “doesn’t have the legs” is a nonsense that has been continually levelled at him by the same people he has proved wrong for the last 5 years
  3. He will fill a vital whole in our squad. Despite the common claim that there is no room for him, with injuries to Huddlestone et al, and the sporadic form of Aaron Lennon, David can provide vital, experienced back-up to compliment our pacy, youthful side. Wing-play is our Plan A, but we have been playing with Plans B & C all season (namely through the middle with Modric and Van Der Vaart and Long Ball up to Crouch), so his arrival does not require a knee-jerk transformation in style of play as critics suggest.
  4. The media circus isn’t a bad thing. Despite the persistent and failed attempts of some elements of the media to portray him as a narcissistic mercenary, he has consistently proved he is anything but. He has not flown off the rails as so many great talents do, and keeps it together as a man totally committed to football above all else, except his family. No doubt the media circus will come, but it will serve only to increase the status of the club and I trust Becks to set the right example to the likes of Bale in how to deal with it.
  5. And finally, it will allow me to fulfil my fantasy of having “Beckham” on the back of my Tottenham shirt…

By Bobby Dean he also blogs at

November 3, 2010

>Taxi for Maicon


Last night at White Hart Lane was remarkable. Yes, Tottenham do have a history of ‘glory glory’ nights in Europe, but history is the key word. Surely they were not going to going to beat the European champions, the team containing Eto’o, Lucio, Maicon and company? 

Tottenham started brilliantly, a totally different side to the one that was demolished in 20 minutes at the San Siro. They passed, attacked, and deserved to go 1-0 up when Modric and Van Der Vaart combined to brilliant affect. An important save by Cudicini after a typically classy free kick from Sneijder  saw the home side keep their lead at the half time break.

Having scored a fabulous hat-trick in return fixture, Bale had worried Maicon in the first half. In the second half he destroyed him. Multiple times the young welshman ran pass the full back, one of the best in the world, like he wasn’t there. When the Spurs fans started mockingly singing ‘Taxi for Maicon’, the Brazilian must have been slightly hopeful that someone was genuinely offering him a way out of the torment! Apart from running his opponent ragged, Bale delivered two killer crosses that were finished calmly by Crouch and Pavlyuchenko to secure the victory. Tottenham’s third goal was critical, as a lapse from Hutton and Gallas has allowed Eto’o’s destructive finishing to put the holders back into the game.

An amazing night, a glory night, a night that leaves Tottenham within touching distance of qualifying for the Champions League knock-out stages at the first time of asking. A tough lunchtime battle with Bolton is next on the agenda, but for now Spurs can just savour the moment.

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October 21, 2010

>Tottenham nearly Baled out in Milan


The San Siro is a pretty formidable stadium for most football teams, but for Champions League debutants Tottenham it was all too much in a gut wrenching opening 35 minutes. It wasn’t even that Spurs played badly, they didn’t even have the chance to do that. After a minute and a half Javier Zanetti got on to a ball round the back of Alan Hutton and swept in Inter’s first. If Spurs thought that was the nightmare start, they were wrong. Minutes later puppet-master in chief Wesley Sneijder played a perfectly waited pass round the back of Tottenham’s defence. It tempted both winger Biabiany, and goalkeper Gomes. Only one winner. Gomes sent the winger flying and, even with full-back Benoit Assou-Ekotto in close proximity, had a very slim case, and was rightly sent off. Luka Modric was sacrificed for Carlo Cudicini, and the disaster was completed by the inevitable penalty conversion by Sameul Eto’o.

The spotlights on one of footballs biggest stages were proving far too bright for Tottenham. A great weaving Dejan Stankovic followed by a cool finish put the home side 3-0 up. Eto’o got in on the act in open play too, slotting the ball past Cudicini in typical fashion. In 35 minutes, Spurs had been given a lesson in Champions League football from the masters, the game was over before it had even started.

Except Gareth Bale didn’t quite see it that way. seven minutes into the second half he picked up the ball in his own half, after a fantastic tackle by Jermaine Jenas. He then proceeded to run 73 metres at full pelt, leaving three Inter defenders in his wake, before smashing the ball across Julio Cesar. He then proceeded to repeat the trick towards the end of the game, ending a similar run with an equally accomplished finish. Moments later it was Aaron Lennon’s turn to run at the now under pressure Inter defence before rolling it to Bale to smash in and claim his hat-trick. Had the game been five minutes longer, Spurs may well have made the one last chance to pull of the miracle comeback. However it wasn’t to be, and Bale felt a great sense of anti-climax saying “The result is what matters and it’s massively disappointing. We want to put that right next time.”

British teams Manchester United and Rangers were also in action last night. United saw off Bursaspor 1-0. Without Wayne Rooney, it was down to Nani to score the vital goal for Sir Alex Ferguson’s side, and he did so after just seven minutes. United will be pleased to have got three points from the encounter, and to get their Champions League campaign going. Rangers got an impressive draw at home against Valencia in the group’s other game, a result that keeps them in second place behind United.

The story of the day though, was at the San Siro.

August 17, 2010

>Spurs make Champions league debut

>Tonight Spurs will make their Champions League debut, against Young Boys of Bern in Switzerland. Not much is know about their opponents, and after an impressive start to the domestic league season against Manchester City, Spurs will start the game as favourites. However, they must avoid complacency and the feeling that they simply need to turn up to win.

Harry Redknapp has said this week that it wouldn’t be a disaster for Tottenham not to qualify for the group stage. VN normally wouldn’t dare argue with Lord Redknapp of the Lane, but on this occasion he is wrong. Having got so far, Spurs must finish off the job and be in the group stage proper.

It will be interesting to see which player get a run out, after an impressive burst from Gio Dos Santos, and a rest for Nico Kranckar at the weekend. Expect Big Tom Huddlestone and Luka Modric to dominate in midfield, with the slightly slower European game suiting them down to the ground.

Now, VN is obviously a neutral and highly unpartisan news souce, uhum, but just for once COME ON YOU SPURS. (“your fired”, Neutrality ED)

Final Score: Young Boys 1 Tottenham  Hotspur 3

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