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November 17, 2010

>Lib Dem GLA candidates – who to watch

>Last night London Liberal Democrats hosted a hustings event to determine their candidates for the Greater London Assembly elections. All of the 11 candidates are very credible, and there is no reason that a team that includes them can’t campaign effectively in London, and have significant influence when elected. It is nice to see that those running for the GLA take it seriously. 

However, here are VN’s tips on who to watch:

Caroline Pigeon AM: The only sitting Assembly Member re-standing. Has a good media presence, is a good public speaker, and lots of experience.

Bridget Fox: Gave the best answers to questions, and clearly understands how to be a Liberal Democrat candidate while supporting Liberal Democrats in government. She should be an MP right now, but London will benefit from having her in City Hall.

Shas Sheehan: A refreshing new candidate. Articulate, passionate, and likeable, she will engage with people when out and about. Benefits from having a variety experiences away from politics.

Stephen Bradley: A very impressive public speaker. A committed green campaigner with expertise in this field, he also was the most forthright on supporting the Olympics and making sure they deliver a legacy for London.

Nick Russell: Was deeply unlucky to not win back his council seat in Kentish Town. He knows London politics, how to campaign there, and how to hold executives to account.

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