Are we Virtually Naked?


The above picture is from a shop front in Manhattan, New York, and the quote by the designer Kenneth Cole is the inspiration behind this websites title.

So much of our lives are based around the internet now. Mostly that’s fantastic. The internet is a democratising force, engaging people in politics and culture to a much greater degree than ever before. The point of this website is to encourage the positive aspects of the internet, to spread information and ideas.

However it also indicates a different approach to looking at politics and news. There are enough bloggers who are essentially wannabe broadsheet columnists,  so we  offer a short, sharper take on stories.

This website is designed to be an online magazine, and as such will cover a range of topics. Much of the focus will be on politics, and online developments but there will also be discussion on new musical releases and other popular culture, sport, and anything else of significance. The site is a collaborative effort, with different writers contributing on various topics.

You can find out more about C.A.H Multimedia, who run this blog, here.

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