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Virtually Naked is a fast growing blog site. Your company or campaign can now take advantage of this and advertise on the site for very reasonable rates. E-mail to find out more!

The site was nominated for Best Newcomer in the Lib Dem Blog of the Year awards:

It also went straight into the total politics Top  75 Lib Dem Blogs in the Total Politics blog awards:
However, because we cover a wide range of topics – from politics, to technology, to sport – the site attracts readers across the UK with a variety of interests. This gives your company a great opportunity reach the right people.

If your company or campaign sign up now VN will even give you the first month free if you sign up for 3 months.

Your advert will start at the beginning of the month . All we need is a .jpg copy of your logo, and it can be displayed on VN and act as a link to your homepage. In addition, your logo can be included within a relevant post.

E-mail to find out more!

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