Labour membership fire sale still ongoing

There was some mockery when Labour introduced its 1p membership rate for under 27s. The rate itself was a bit of a joke, but reduced rates for young new members are admirable, and most youth organisations do £1 membership offers or similar. However, most do it for a limited time, normally around freshers weeks being held at universities. The Labour party are so desperate for increased membership, so that they can release a ‘hundreds joining Labour’ type press line, that there are risking the party’s long-term financial well-being. This model is quite unsustainable as it requires a lot of members, staying both politically and financially active within the party for a long time.

With many rich Labour donors closing their wallets since the leadership elections, Ed might just be relying more on his friends in the Unions to help him out . Lurch to the left anyone?

Looks like you can’t trust Miliband with the party’s finances, let alone the country’s.


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