Sunderland make signing of the transfer window, as David Miliband joins the club

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David Miliband has joined the board of Sunderland as a Vice Chairman, the club have announced. He is there to use his international links and profile to boost the clubs standing, and will be paid around £50,000 a year for the role. Sunderland Chairman Niall Quinn is delighted with his new signing:

“As a former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs with worldwide knowledge and links, he can also help us become better known around the world as we look to grow and develop the club on an international stage.”

Miliband’s South Shield’s constituency is only eight miles from the club, so it is arguable that he is doing something relevant to his local community, although his loose ties to football are said to revolve around Arsenal.

Since losing the Labor leadership to his younger brother, Mr. Miliband seems to have taken his role as a constituency MP as an inconvenience to furthering his career. He did though manage to pop up in Parliament to give an impressive performance in the NHS debate. This further embarrassed his under pressure sibling, as many Labour MPs and members would rather David, not Ed, was leading the party. In recent months, David Miliband has submitted television programme ideas to the BBC, set up ‘The Office of David Miliband’ company, and will also take on a voluntary teach role in his old school in North London.

Perhaps the people of South Shield would prefer it if he just got on with his day job of representing them.

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