Andy Coulson leaves Number 10, but nobody notices

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 21:  Andy Coulson, t...

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David Cameron’s Director of Communications has served his last day in Number 10. After his not so shock resignation a couple of weeks ago, Andy Coulson formally left the role yesterday. It seems Coulson’s last communications masterstroke was to make sure the press didn’t know of his departure, and to sneak out quietly. Not surprising from the man who left his house for work at 4.30am the other week just to avoid being seen by cameras.

Initially nobody except editor Paul Waugh seemed to have picked up on the fact that the man had left the building. This seems out of character of the British media, who have been hounding Coulson ever since he took on the role. It was always known that Coulson would remain in post for about a fortnight, but hack herds seem to have lost interest in the story, having claimed their victim.

Waugh also reports ‘good progress’ is being made on who will now take  on the role.  It does seem bizarre that Coulson has been allowed to leave with a replacement ensconced in Number 10, and Cameron’s first choice reportedly turned down the role. Seems like this is going to be a difficult gap fill, which is not very helpful for the Government when it is desperately trying to get its message across about the economy, and wide-ranging NHS reforms.

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