Review – “Stand Still” by Emma’s Imagination

Emma’s Imagination, known to her mum as Emma Gillespie, was the winner of Sky One’s Must Be The Music, a much better version of X-Factor. Prior to releasing an album on a major label, she was a busker on the streets of her hometown of Glasgow.

‘Stand Still’ starts with the song that won Emma the competition, “This Day is Mine”. The album version has  been beefed up and over produced, watering down the laid-back optimism of the original girl-and-a-guitar version, a real shame. The rest of the songs though actually benefit from a slightly bigger sound the studio has allowed. Emma’s voice is strong and engaging, and the songs are well structured enough, to hold the  listeners attention. The album does have the sense of complete collection of songs, which is impressive from a debut, but there a no stand out tracks to take it to the next level.

Emma Gillespie is clearly a natural songwriter, with a clear style and sound that she wants to develop. It is clearly her album. This focus means that the album does at points sound a bit samey, although the songs are mostly good enough to overcome this. It is worth pointing out that eight of the ten tracks were written by her, which shouldn’t be worthy of comment but, in this time of professional karaoke singers, is. It is this songwriting ability that will mean that far from standing still, this debut album should be the start of a long career off the streets and in the studio for Emma’s Imagination.


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