Hard left chase NUS President Aaron Porter from fees protest

NUS President Aaron Poter has been hounded out of his own protest in Manchester after being threatened by hard left activists. The temper-tantruming Trots criticise Porter for his policy of engaging with MPs and ministers, and for his only cautious support for more radical student action like occupations. It is even be reported, by a photographer being quoted in the Daily Mail, that some shouted ‘Tory Jew scum’ at the NUS President before he was led to safety by the police.
VN doesn’t have much love for the NUS, and has criticised some of Porter’s approach to campaigning against a rise in fees, however this bullying behaviour from hard left elements within the youth and student movement simply discredits the movement as a whole. Bullying is not free speech, it is instead an attempt to shout the loudest in order to drown out other opinions, and an abuse of democracy.
Thus far, Aaron Porter is still running for a second term, despite increasing calls for him to stand down.

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