It was only a matter of time…parents brand US Skins ‘dangerous’


Skins (TV series)Image via Wikipedia

An American group of parents called the Parents Television Council, have branded the US version of Skins “the most dangerous television show for children we have ever seen”. They have even asked the US Government to investigate whether the use of 16 and 17 year old actors in the more explicit scenes is breaking child porn laws. The criticism has caused Taco Bell to withdraw and advertising campaign it was running during the programme, and producers to demand tone down of some of the more explicit scenes. Better not send them the DVDs of the UK version

The complaints were though fairly inevitable from a country that specialises in prudish indigence, and churned out generic teen (lack off) drama, but the notion that a programme could encourage child porn and pedophilia, as the PTC claim with Skins, is utterly ridiculous.

While US masterpieces like Greys Anatomy, The West Wing and  Mad Men are rightly widely praised, they simply don’t do teen TV in the same way over there. There teen drama comes nicely messaged and covered in bubble wrap, with a normally happy ending.

Furthermore, there was always a risk that tales of Bristol teen hedonism was always going to be lost in translation, but Skins US has already hit 3.3 million viewers for the reinterpreted series, which is not a bad effort.  MTV must be thanking the PTC too, as they couldn’t pay for better advertising for their newest imports!

Series 5 of the full frontal, UK, version of Skins starts on Thursday on E4.

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