Stripping the Week 17-21st January 2011

>The last 24 hours of this week have bee so dramatic, that Monday through to Wednesday seem utterly insignificant. Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson has resigned his role, citing personal problems. These are believed to be an affair between his wife, and one of the police officers meant to protect them. He will be replaced by Ed Balls, who spent most of the leadership campaign pitching for this job. He will move into Ed Miliband’s suite of offices in Norman Shaw South in Parliament, and there will be a combined Shadow Chancellor/Leader media operation. The sons of Brown are well and truly in charge at the moment.

As Westminster was getting used to that, Andy Coulson decided to use the cover of Blair at the Chilcot Inquiry to announce his resignation, after mounting pressure from the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Funnily enough people still noticed… Coulson was  patronisingly thought of as the Essex boy done good amongst the Notting Hill Cameroons, but he was more than that. Very close to the Prime Minister, deeply influential, Coulson will leave a great hole in the Downing Street operation.

Early in the week, students protesting to save the EMA had managed to do so without violence and lobbing fire extinguishers. However, the vote still passed the commons. Over in the other place, the Labour Lords are still filibustering the legislation that would bring about a referendum about introducing a fairer voting systems. The irony.

In amongst all that, Michael Gove endorsed a coalition electoral pact at the dispatch box, and footballer Clarke Carlisle become the best coalition spokesman on Question Time for a while. Oh, and Darren Bent became the first major mover of the transfer window, as Sunderland were forced to let him go to Aston Villa for up to £24 million.

Think everyone needs a lie down this weekend….

Hero of the week: Clarke Carlisle
Villain of the week: George Galloway – As foul as Carlisle was good on Question Time.

Listening to this week: Emma’s Imagination – Stand Still
Watching this week: Blair at Chilcot
Reading the week: Wired magazine’s thoughts on Cameron’s Silicon Roundabout


3 Comments to “Stripping the Week 17-21st January 2011”

  1. >Clark Carlisle completetly missed the point. Before the election everyone talked about cuts. Labour and Lib Dems talked about slow deficit reduction. The Tories fast. People voted for the Liberals for slow deficit reduction. After the vote, the policy changed. It doesn't matter how many times you try to say it. There is no mandate for the policies going on now. The Liberal Democrat changed position. Voters will never forget that. Everyone who voted for the lib dems to oppose to the tories will never forgive you for what your party has done. Watch Question Time and see the hostile response on the proposals for the NHS. People will never forgive the Lib Dems for allowing the Tories to break up and privatise the NHS.You are at liberty to continue deluding yourself of course that all is well.An upset voter who dislikes the Tories did not endorse Blair but has never trusted the Liberal Democrats.

  2. >Liberal Democrats which were on loan to stop the Tories will never be given to the Lib Dems again.

  3. >Votes given to the Liberal Democrats to stop the Tories will never be given to the Lib Dems again. The Liberal Democrat vote will not recover for a long time.Carry on telling yourself different and you may convince yourself, but you cannot rewrite history of how badly the Lib Democrats have sold this country to Thatcherite Freemarkeeters. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Some chance of that though eh ?

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