Pastor Terry Jones banned from the UK

>The controversial American Pastor Terry Jones, who wanted to burn copies of the Koran to commemorate the 9/11 attacks, has been banned from entering the UK by the Home Secretary. He was due to deliver a speech to the delightfully named right-wing group “England is Ours”, and has a daughter living in the UK.

Pastor Jones’ expulsion is hardly a great loss to the country, and there are probably no VN readers who would have any time for the bile that he spews, but does this mean that he shouldn’t be allowed here, and be made to face the full force of media and public scrutiny? VN has always preferred to see such people out debated rather than no-platformed. Seeing Nick Griffin on Question Time only exposed the lies and non-arguments espoused by him and his party, instead of letting them hide behind a false martyrdom. Banning an attention seek like Jones simply fuels the flames of his publicity, instead of giving him the short shrift he deserves.

There is possibly one legitimate argument for Jones’ banning, that his presence could incite people, causing public disorder issues. He was also talking to supporters who had invited him, as opposed to having his views being part of a debate in which he could be questioned and scrutinised. However, the UK should not be in the practice of stopping people from entering because they have views that we don’t like, and we should let people with such foul views be exposed for exactly who they are.


One Comment to “Pastor Terry Jones banned from the UK”

  1. >Agree, banning people just makes them into martyrs. Also, no matter how vile his views, he has a daughter living here so it is rather cruel to ban him from coming over!

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