New Lib Dem executive looks to assert its authority

>The new Liberal Democrat federal executive, the third part of the party’s now infamous triple lock system, has already begun to assert it’s authority. In a statement due to be released, and already disclosed by the Guardianianista (where else?) the new executive have stated the Liberal Democrats will go into the next election as an independent party, with no bias as to whom they may form a coalition should the need arise afterwards. They also urged the party to remember it’s social democratic roots, not just liberalism, and that the party should publicly air disagreements with their Conservative coalition partners.

Expect more of this kind of thing in the run up to Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in Sheffield, as some grassroots members try to wash out the blue rinse, and settle their queasy stomachs. VN isn’t convinced this is a particular constructive approach to coalition, but it is not like Conservative members are behaving any differently, they just have less power with which to impose their grievances on the party leadership.

Let the fun and games begin.


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