Review – “The King’s Speech”


Given that Sion Simon’s ridiculous ‘review’ was the only negative thing VN had heard about the ‘The King’s Speech’, we went to see this film with a large sense of optimism. We were not disappointed. Even the most ardent republican could not fail to be moved by the struggles of a war time King determined to speak to, and serve, his people.

So first let’s deal with the things you probably know already. Colin Firth as George VI is simply brilliant, and does indeed deserve an Oscar. Geoffrey Rush’s performance as his eccentric speech therapist is of a similarly high standard, and the way their characters’ relationship develops is really rather touching.

The thing people haven’t been telling you enough is that Helena Bonham-Carter, playing the late Queen Mother, is also fantastic. Her comic timing is superb, the way she supports her troubled husband is endearing, and she sprinkles some glamour on every scene she is in.

What is so impressive about this film is the fact that story could easily seem outdated and irrelevant, but doesn’t. The slick production and strong script engage the viewer, and by the
end of the climatic final scene you are
urging George VI to deliver his speech.

The only criticism that could possibly be made of the film is that there is a strange sense of jubilation in the final scenes, despite the backdrop of the start of World War II. It was also quite odd to see the King walking through the parks and streets of London totally unrecognised, undisturbed, and unprotected, but this is perhaps more a sign of our times than an inaccuracy within the film.

The story of ‘The King’s Speech’ is one of personal struggle, leadership, and friendship, told by some very impressive actors, and filmed expertly. The film could quite legitimately claim 4 major Oscars come awards season. Make sure you see it.


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  1. >I went to see it last night – and in due course will write my own review. My view is pretty similar to yours, though – an absolutely fabulous film.

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