>Sion Simon should not look for jobs as a film critic

>Former Labour MP Sion Simon may be looking for a new job, but he shouldn’t be applying for any as a film critic. Mr. Simon gave the most ridiculous review of ‘The Kings Speech” in Labour Uncut on Sunday that VN has ever had the misfortune to read.

His reasons for disliking the widely acclaimed film? Lead actor Colin Firth supported the Lib Dems pre-election, and the audience didn’t dislike royalty. He also calls Robert De Niro “a luvvy”. This from a man who use to be the minister responsible for the UKs film industry!

Mr Simon seems to think that only the political chattering classes are entitled to offer a political opinion in public. What a terribly misguided and arrogant view from a former MP. His bitterness that Firth dared to walk away from a spent Labour party has utterly tainted his view of what, by all other accounts, is a high class film, and a stunning performance from a great British actor. (VN is looking forward to seeing it very soon). Instead of actually reviewing the film, he simply publishes a personal gripe.

Let’s hope Labour Uncut can find someone to actually conduct reviews in future, and that Sion Simon finds a job that doesn’t involved commenting in public. On anything.


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