>Kerry McCarthy MP calls for all men in Bristol to give their DNA to Yeats murder case

>The awful murder of Jo Yeats over Christmas moved the whole country. People across Bristol have been trying to help the investigation, assisting the police in putting together the young architects final, fatal, movements.

You would think that at a time like this a local MP would be at the forefront of their community, trying to help them through a frightening time. After all, whoever did this is still at large. Unfortunately for the people of Bristol East, their MP is Kerry McCarthy. She has decided that the best way to help deal with this terrible crime is by suggesting that every man in Bristol should give their DNA to the police. Not only does this assume that the murderer is a man, and VN isn’t sure this has been confirmed, it is also the most utterly ridiculous, authoritarian, response anyone could have concocted.

Even if it was not utterly misguided in principle, the suggestion from Ms. McCarthy is beyond impractical. Even she says “quite how the police would organise this I don’t know”. How on Earth would police forensics experts spending hours wading through lots of innocent peoples’ DNA benefit the investigation? Kerry McCarthy should be helping her through a difficult time, not using it as an excuse to pedal authoritarianism.

If you have information that may actually help Avon and Somerset police, contact details are on their website.


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