>Ed Miliband starts the week slowly, put the kettle on Gromit!


Picture via GreenFeeds

As if Monday mornings arn’t hard enough, Ed Miliband decided to kick this week off with his first press conference of 2011. The yawnfest of a performance from him and his Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson will do nothing to inspire comrades and enemies alike.

Here are some particularly of the best quotes:

  • “My mother taught me never to call people liars. So I won’t. They are practising a deceit”
  • “David will be successful in anything he does”
  • “Let me bring Alan in on the detail” Cue laughter from surrounding journalists
Ed tried to ‘do a Clegg” by looking straight down the camera, but continued to drone on about “this Conservative led Government”, and explaining that he won’t opposes every cut. Except that he opposes every cut, and the deficit wasn’t Labour’s fault anyway. Apparently they borrowed within acceptable boundaries…
Not quite the energetic start to the year the Ed so desperately needed.

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