>Stripping the week 3-7 January 2011

>The new year has begun with England winning the Ashes in Australia for the first time in 24 years. A magnificent 3-1 victory, comprising of three wins by an innings, was secured in the early hours of this morning when Chris Tremlett knocked Michael Beer’s stumps out the ground. England linchpin Paul Collingwood has decided to end his test career on a high, retiring at the end of this mornings test.

Things are looking less optimistic for some premier league managers though. Woy Hodgson, Avram Grant, and Carolo Ancelloti are all walking the sacking tightrope after watching their teams get embarrassed during the week. Meanwhile Alex Ferguson is laughing, as every result on Wednesday night went his teams way.

The big political story of the week has happened today, with former Bury North Labour MP David Chaytor to became the first person sent to prison over expenses. Ha has been convicted of false accounting and told to spend 18 months at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

The row over control orders within the coalition is still going on, although if Clegg’s speech on civil liberties today is anything to go by, the liberal voices within it are being heard the loudest. Ed Balls couldn’t resist playing politics though…

Residents of Oldham East and Saddleworth are still in the grips of by-election fever. Cameron continues to face allegations of providing cover for the Lib Dems, but perhaps the truth is the Conservatives are just not going to do very well in this particular byelection!

Hero of the week – Andy Flower and Andrew Strauss for guiding England to a magnificent Ashes victory down under
Villain of the week – David Chaytor because he now is one, officially.

Listening to this week – The specialist DJ takeover of daytime on Radio 1
Reading this week – Private Eye magazine
Watching this week – The Ashes 5th Test


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