>A – team conquer Ashes is Oz


Picture via The Guardian

The England A-Team of Andys Strauss, Flower, Alistair Cook and Jimmy Anderson have led england to a magnificent 3-1 ashes series victory. The first win in Oz in 24 years was secured by a third, record breaking, innings victory.

The A-Team have proved the spine of this England team throughout the seres down under, and will prove to be so for many years to come. The leadership and tactics of the Andys was astute, and inspired those around them. Anderson ended up the series leading wicket taker, securing the penultimate Australian wicket of Ben Hilfenhaus, while Alistair Cook ended up the leading run scorer with a magnificent horde of 766.

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 02:  Andre...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

VN could go on with a a whole load of superlatives about how brilliant the England team were, and how historic the victory was. However, we will just end with this thought:
What do you call a great Australian cricketer? Retired.

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One Comment to “>A – team conquer Ashes is Oz”

  1. >what do you call an Australian holding a bottle of champagne?A waiter.

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