>Paul Collingwood was just what England needed, but time is right for him to move on


Picture via The Telegraph

With England on the verge of victory in Australia, Paul Collingwood has decided to end his test career. The man has been a consistent presence in the England team for many years,  and praised for his selfless approach to the sport. Even ignoring his frequently important contributions with the bat, Colly helped English cricketers take the skill of fielding seriously, his catching some of the best in the world. He is also a master of Twenty20 and one day cricket, and is a key component of the team that are world champions in that form of the game, as well as the captain of the Twenty20 team. The ECB must be delighted he has decided to stay on in both those roles.

Collingwood is a senior, and popular, member of the English cricketing set up. He is both a leader and a fantastic team player. However, the test runs have slowed down, and he is beginning to put pressure on Bell, Bresnan, Prior and company instead of supporting them. In Eoin Morgan England have a ready made, high class, replacement. So it is right that Collingwood steps aside now. He has earned the right to end his own test career, not have the selectors decide or the media decide for him. He should leave with immense pride and the thanks of his former teammates.


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