>Ed Balls playing politics with control orders


Picture via The Daily Mail

At the moment Labour should be entitled Her Majesty’s Opportunism, not Her Majesty’s Opposition. On issue after issue they have played politics, fudged issues, and gone for a cheap headline. Today Shadow Home Secretary Ed Balls has waded into the control orders debate on his blog. A perfectly reasonable issue for someone is his role to be speaking on you might think. Yes, but his attempts to drive a wedge in the coalition, and try and personalise the issue to Nick Clegg once again are pathetic. Read the piece, for Ed Balls to try and act like he is a defender of civil liberties is so ridiculous as to be laughable. All this after he said he would cooperate with Theresa May!

This issue is not about Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Lord Carlile or anyone else. It is time to show you can take some responsibility Ed, even in Opposition, instead of playing politics and making cheap points about ‘broken promises’.


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