>Phil Hughes should be fined, and so should his captain


VN Towers has been well and truly struck down with Ashes fever the last few weeks. Last night we settled down, excited to watch Alistair Cook claim another century. Cook cruised quite comfortably to 99, before flicking the ball of his pads and into the hands of nearby Philip Hughes, who jumped in the air claiming his victim. Cook didn’t move. He didn’t move because the ball had bounced a good couple of inches before it got to Hughes. Cook knew it, Hughes knew it too.
Clarke, fielding at slip, may be forgiven for not having seen the bounce. Maybe. He clearly though led the appeal, and influenced his young batsman. Hughes was simply cheating, trying to deprive Cook of another century. TV may have saved Cook, but the Australian players were bringing the game into disrepute with illegitimate appeals. Hughes should be fined, as should Clarke for influencing him.

One Comment to “>Phil Hughes should be fined, and so should his captain”

  1. >Disagree Re: Clarke. He didn't know and when the ball bounced an inch in front of him at 2nd slip moments earlier he didn't appeal. Clarke is not a cheat. He assumed it carried as Beer went up straight away and he had a clear view. Hughes knew he hadn't caught it and so did Haddin. The replays clearly show their faces knowing he hadn't caught it. So both of them should feel stupid and have their names dragged through the mud a bit. However Clarke can be excused.

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