>Glee and Brothers and Sisters return this month

>The whole of VN Towers may stilll be in mourning and the cruel slashing of the Daily Show, but January will see the return of both the Glee show choir and the Walker Family on E4 and More4 respectively.

We left the Glee show choir after their regional sing off, having just received a reprieve to continue for another year (obviously.) We expect more top end one liners from Sue Sylvester, and can’t wait to find out who the guest starts are. Hard to imagine them beating Wicked ladies Idina Menzel and Kristin Cheneworth though…. Warm up your vocal chords for next Monday, 10th Jan!

We left the Walker family of Brothers and Sisters in less happy circumstances, caught up in massive car crash. Is outgoing Senator Robert Macallister (gorgeous Rob Lowe, ) dead or alive? We think we know now…) Who else is hurt? How will the family cope with Saul being HIV positive? The 4th season was a little disappointing, but the ending, and the continuing presence of VN fave Calista Flockhart,  means the 5th will still be must see. Brothers and Sisters resumes on January 20th.


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