>As control orders row rumbles own, Clegg and allies must hold strong

>Over the weekend it was thought Deputy PM Nick Clegg had scored a big victory by winning the debate to get control orders scrapped. This is obviously close to the truth as their has been a backlash against the proposed move. First Lib Dem Lord Carlile said that while he disagrees with the orders, the ‘coalition will not be forgiven if a 7/7 style terror attack occurs’, deeply worrying from a man that advises the Government on counter terrorism. Former Home Secretaries Lords Howard and Reid, as well as Tory stalwart Malcolm Rifkind,  have weighed in too.

One of the the coalition’s strongest suits has been the civil liberties agenda, influenced strongly by the Liberal Democrats. The good progress on Contact Point and ID cards must be followed up by the scrapping of control orders. It is not about scoring a cheap win for liberalism, as suggested in the Guardianista, it is about what is the right and wrong way for our country to conduct law enforcement. The UK cannot continue bypassing due process and the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Lib Dem Lord Macdonald, who is conducting the review, says that the orders would not have prevented 7/7 anyway.

It has been a tough few months for Nick Clegg and his allies, but on this they must stand strong and scrap control orders.


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