>Who is your Liberal Voice of 2010?

>VN’s friends over at Liberal Democrat Voice have started a poll to find out who it’s readers consider the person who has most promoted the cause of liberalism over 2010. The list left VN with a mixture of pride, horror, and confusion.

Firstly the presence of Pvt. 1st Class Bradley Manning, the Wikileaks whistleblower is pretty poor. Pvt. Manning is clearly quite a vulnerable character, who now stands accused of serious offences under military law. He did not expose abuse as had been previously done, he simply gave information to embarrasses governments because he could. He should not be held up as some kind of liberal idol.

Wikileaks overlord Julian Assange is also on the list. This is more understandable. VN has no problem with the exposure of genuine wrongdoing by those with power, although it is arguable that Assange has created a situation which allows the exploitation of people like Pvt. Manning. Exposing state secrets is only admirable if it highlights wrongdoing and abuse, the current Wikilieaks dump has done not achieved that, although others have.

It was admirable though that Aung San Suu Kyi and Liu Xiabo featured. Both have sacrificed much in the name of liberal democracy.

Prime Minister David Cameron is currently winning the poll, thanks in part to Guido tweeting the link! It  did strike VN that Nick Clegg, the leader who has taken the Liberal Democrat party for the first time ever, did not appear on the list. Seems quite typical of the deliberately petulant, anti-leadership Lib Dem grassroots at the moment. In fact, not a single Liberal Democrat MP appears on the final 12.

VN’s choice was Justice Secretary Ken Clarke, although Alliance’s first ever MP Naomi Long is also a good shout. You can make your own opinion heard by voting in the poll on the side of http://www.libdemvoice.org.


One Comment to “>Who is your Liberal Voice of 2010?”

  1. >No Lib Dem MP appears on the list as party members are specifically excluded from the poll – as mentioned when nominations were sought.

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