>Laying bare the year of… David Cameron

>The final ‘Laying bare the year of…’ post looks at the year of Prime Minister David Cameron.

David Cameron

2010 finally saw David Cameron achieve his goal of leading the Conservative Party out of the opposition wilderness and into government…with a little help from his new found friends. At the beginning of the year he looked a comfortable bet to be leading a majority government, but as winter turned to spring the polls closed in on him. A poor start in the Leaders’ Debates and Cleggmania put him under  more pressure, and he edged at least one of the last two debates. As he started his pre-polling nighttime campaign tour his lead was slim. There are lots of Conservative members who still feel that by failing to secure a one party majority David Cameron in fact failed in this years election.

Post-election he has though proved himself to be a leader of more substance than many gave him credit for pre-election. His ‘big, open offer’ speech to the Liberal Democrats on May 7th will go down in political history, as will that press conference with Nick Clegg in the Downing Street Rose Garden. Under more pressure than he had been used to on home turf, his conference speech in October may have been mocked for the ‘rap’ sections and cheesy exit music, but it again proved that he is committed both as leader of the Conservatives and the coalition.

Away from politics, Cameron’s personal life has been another emotional rollercoaster for him and his wife. Within a matter of days in September Cameron’s fourth child Florence was born in Cornwall, and  his father sadly died.

The Prime Minister also tried to win the 2018 World Cup for England. He was part of the fantastic last pitch, along with David Beckham and Prince William, to secure the tournament. However, he was witness to crude politicking that would make even his party’s 1922 committee blush, and the tournament went to Russia.

Vince Cable and the Telegraph may have made the end of the year more sticky than it need to be, but Cameron will no doubt consider his 2010 a success. What 2011 will hold for his Government is anyones guess.

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