>Laying bare the year of… Mark Zuckerberg


2010 was the year that the Facebook founder and CEO really came out form behind his laptop. Of course there was the film based around his life and company, ‘The Social Network,’ which was a box-office smash.  However, he also made multiple mainstream media appearances, including a cameo in the Simpsons, and making a big charitable announcement on Oprah.

More than anything though, 2010 was the year Facebook moved away from being just another social networking website. The blue button has started sprouting up everywhere this year, allowing you to share articles, pictures, and videos with all your ‘friends’ at a click of a button. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, Zuckerberg once again received large amounts of criticism over concerns about privacy on Facebook, when new changes made people’s profile less private than they though. But he still always seems to come out on top. People want what he is offering.

Not an online political freedom fighter like Julian Assange, Zuckerberg is pretty much your classic geek. Except for his obsession with people and networking. The sociopath depicted in the film could never really have come up with the huge social tool Zuckerberg invented, the tool that is now valued at $6bn as the year comes to a close.

Zuckerberg’s rapid increase in profile in 2010 reached its climax last week, when he was announced as Time magazines person of the year. In 2011 Facebook will once again outgrow it’s current California bases and move to a more Google-esque campus, the website will inevitably also grow. While most social media sites disappear with the trends, Facebook seems set to stay. Zuckerbergs mono-vision has this year started moving the site towards being a passport to the internet itself.


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