>Cable survives, but Murdoch is today’s real winner


Vince Cable MP addressing a Liberal Democrat c...Image via Wikipedia

Vince Cable will remain as Business Secretary…just. His comments yesterday about the coalition’s “Maoist revolution” in the Telegraph were rightly dismissed as nothing more than an embarrassment. Robert Peston’s revelation that Cable had also “declared war on Murdoch” proved a little bit more problematic, and the clips of him giggling with pretty girls will haunt for a long time to come.

The result is Cable now presides over a department with vastly reduced powers. Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport, and Cameron loyalist, Jeremy Hunt will now preside over decisions of media regulation and ownership. DCMS is one of the few departments with no Liberal Democrat Minister in it, and Murdoch’s desired take over of all of BSkyB now seems destined to go through. VN awaits with trepidation the launch of Fox News UK.

There is nothing honourable about the way the Telegraph went on a cheap fishing mission, and  subsequently failed to report the BSkyB element due their opposition to the News Corp takeover. However, they have suceeded in severely clipping the wings of a key Lib Dem, who in the end, is lucky to be still flying at all.

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