>Government ends child detention, now end control orders

>Today Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced that the coalition will end the detention of children for immigration purposes. The Yarls Wood detention centre family unit will be closed immediate effect. This was an important Liberal Democrat policy that would never have happened without their presence in government. It shows what a difference an injection of liberalism in government can do, and will hopefully begin to clean up the damage after the fiasco around tuition fees.

The Daily Express are not happy, so it probably means that it is the right thing to do!

The next big split for the coalition though is control orders. These allow restrictions, essentially house arrest, to put be in place on terrorism suspects if they are suspected of preparing an attack but there is not enough evidence to prosecute. They are utterly illiberal, not very effective, and bypass too easily normal legal procedure and principle. There are enough Conservatives, notably former Shadow Home Secretary Davide Davies, who will join the Lib Dems on this issue, but it looks like there will be a compromise, not a complete ending of the order.

You can join the grass roots Lib Dem campaign to end control orders here.


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