>Mark Zuckerburg is Time magazine’s person of the year


Imagine via TIME

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg is this year’s Time person of the year. The magazine say he has been awarded the title “for connecting more than half a billion people and mapping the social relations among them; for creating a new system of exchanging information; and for changing how we all live our lives”. While pro-democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi, or Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiabo, could be considered more ‘worthy’ winners of the accolade, in terms of world wide influence  Zuckerburg is as good a choice as any

It has been quite a year for the Facebook founder. While he was being depicted in ‘Social Network’ as a jealous, socially awkward geek, Zuckerburg was pledging $100 million to deprived schools in New Jersey. He also made a cameo appearance in the Simpsons!

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase

Facebook itself is not without controversy. There remain issues around privacy and the selling of data that the site has.

That said, there is no doubt that Zuckerburg has profoundly changed the way we live our lives, socialise and communicate. No longer generation X, there is now a generation will forever be the ‘Facebook generation’, and Mark Zuckerburg has risen from a college dorm geek to multi-billionaire by making it happen.

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