>Frankie Boyle has done far worse than Sachsgate, so why no outcry?


Picture from the Guardian

As is apparent from it’s title, this site is not here as a mouthpiece for the purity police. It advocates free speech and transparency very strongly. However, there are still lines. When public figures and media organisations produce and broadcast  personal, attacking, and offensive material they have abused free speech, and should not use it as a defence.

Frankie Boyle, aided and abetted by Channel 4, has gone so far over that line it is a mere speck on the horizon. As many readers will know, the son of Katie Price and Peter Andre, Harvey, is severely disabled and nearly blind. Most people’s reactions are somewhere on the spectrum of sympathy for the child. Not Frankie’s:

 “Apparently Jordan and Peter Andre are fighting each other over custody of Harvey, well eventually one of them will lose and have to keep him.”

The second part of the ‘joke’ is so obscene VN is not prepared to have it in full the site, but it is based around the Harvey raping his own mother.

Now, compared to these references to incest, rape, and pedophilia do some silly answer phone messages and a song seem so bad?

Just imagine if Ross or Brand had ever came out with lines like that. Remember their muck up was improvised, (although the calls to Andrew Sachs should have been edited out in the broadcast version.) This was pre-planned and vicious from Frankie Boyle, and Channel 4 should never have broadcast it, let alone repeated it. That there is less fuss than ‘Sachsgate’ shows nothing more than how personal the attacks on Brand, Ross and the BBC were.

Free speech should be defended rigorously. It is though no defence for publicly humiliating and intentionally offending people unable to strike back in order to get a cheap laugh.


4 Comments to “>Frankie Boyle has done far worse than Sachsgate, so why no outcry?”

  1. >I suspect it shows more the relative levels of respect which Andrew Sachs and Price/Andre are held in.

  2. >It does kind of make you want something awful to happen to someone close to him so people can stand around and go HA! HA! HA! HA!. That is sort of his level of comedy, after all.

  3. >Free speech =/= hate speech

  4. >@JennieBrand and Ross contacted Sachs directly and made inappropriate content for the program and station they were working on. Boyle made an offensive TV program, which is advertised as offensive and is offensive, so what is the problem?

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