>Ed Miliband tries to turn on the charm

>Labour leader Ed Miliband has just finished the first of what he promises will be a monthly news conference.  In it he made a ‘big, bold, offer to the Liberal Democrats’…oh hang on… He was standing in front of a window though.

Miliband’s seduction technique is a rather odd one. Having attacked, and vowed to destroy, the Lib Dems during his leadership bid. Furthermore, Ed Mili is reported to have been one of the biggest barriers to a Lib-Lab coalition due to his behaviour during the negotiations. He is now asking them to join with him to fight the coalition most of them voted to endorse.

Former Lib Dem lefty-adviser Richard Grayson is working with Labour policy-wonk in Chief Liam Byrne MP as part of this process. Will be interesting to see what they come up with, given how quick Liam Byrne was to point out that “there is no money“.

Given the weak start to his leadership, and increasing unpopularity, Ed might want to start worrying about rallying his own troops, not luring over others.


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