>Stripping the week 6-10 December 2010

>There has been chaos and high drama in the streets once again this week.

Yes, Corrie went big to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary, with a week branded ‘four funerals and a wedding’. Monday started it all with, a tram crashing into the iconic cobbled streets. Yesterdays live episode to the body count to three down…so one more to go…

Violence engulfed Westminster as students took to the street to oppose a rise in tuition fees yesterday. However, the activists that wanted to get something done when into parliament and lobbied their MP in a reasonable manner. Despite this opposition and an MPs rebellion the fees rise passed by 21 votes.

The most ironic thing about yesterday was that, having been caught up in the violence on Regent Street, Camilla and Charles managed to be the protestors to the front page thanks to this picture:

Picture via The Guardian
VN suspects that the anarchists posing as protestors must be really annoyed that Royalty has got more coverage than them.
Radio 4 is normally as station one associates with calm, intelligence and integrity. However, James Naughtie, when introducing Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, inadvertently offended most of middle-England by getting his surname muddled.
It had all got a bit calm and boring for Newcastle United, who disgustingly sacked Chris Hughton as manager this week. Alan Pardew of all people will be his replacement. Why would anyone want that job? All four English team will be in the next stage of the Champions league too, with Arsenal joining already qualified Tottenham, Chelsea, and Manchester United in the last 16. Tottenham finished above holders Inter Milan to qualify top of their group in their Champions League debut season.
Over in Oz, England secured a 1-0 series lead in the early hours of Monday more, and should resume the Ashes full of confidence. The only downside for them has been the loss of Stuart Broad.
Listening to this week: ‘Bud, sweat and beers’ by Devlin
Reading this week:  The Wikileaks cables
Watching this week: The Coronation Street tram crash drama

Hero of the week: Liu Xiaobo – who became the third person to be awarded the Noble Peace Prize while in prison.
Villan of the week: Mike Ashley, owner of Newcastle United.

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