>Tuition fee myth busting goes into overdrive before vote

>Nick Clegg, David Cameron and the coalition have gone into overdrive today to try and bust the myths surrounding the proposed changes to HE funding.

This morning Deputy PM Clegg was dispatched onto the Victoria Derbyshire show on 5Live and, agree or disagree with the policy, did a pretty sterling job of  busting the myths perpetuated by the NUS, and laying out why this is an improvement on the Labour mess.

Latter Cameron went on the offensive in PMQs, attacking Ed Miliband and Labour backbenchers for their hypocrisy over years on the issue.  He has also delivered a speech on the future of universities at the CentrForum think tank.

If that wasn’t enough, they have taken to the interweb too, launching http://www.factsonfees.com

Now, VN certainly doesn’t think Clegg, Cable or any other Lib Dem are the devil incarnate for backing these proposals, they are better for their presence in government, but raising the cap will put a lot of young people in an even greater amount of personal debt.

However, given the vote on raising the cap is tomorrow, today’s actions do seem somewhat too little too late.


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