>Ed Mili is red, brown, but not green

>It has emerged that the Labour leader is refusing to pair Energy & Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne for tomorrow’s vote on tuition fees, forcing him to return from the key climate change summit in Cancun. Pairing is the process whereby the absence of an MP who is whipped one way but can’t attend a vote is negated by an opposing MP not voting too, and is agreed by the partys’ teams of whips.

By refusing to pair Huhne, Ed Miliband is acting cheap and playing politics. He knows that Huhne must now come home and vote yes or resign. He is  therefore forcing him to return from an important climate change summit, showing that petty politicking is more important to Ed Mili and his ‘new generation’ Labour Party than progress on the environment.

Oh yeah, what was Ed’s job before being Labour Leader…Energy and Climate Change Secretary.


3 Comments to “>Ed Mili is red, brown, but not green”

  1. >I don't think anyone in the Labour party has any interest at all in letting Lib Dem front-benchers – particularly those on the left of the party – wriggle out of pinning their colours to the mast on this one. Huhne's being asked to choose between his position within the party membership and the electorate on the one hand, and his cabinet post on the other. This absolutely isn't small potatoes.Besides which, asking the Leader of the Opposition to pair votes on an issue of this significance is playing petty politicking of the highest order anyway – if this wasn't designed to scoop up some bylines about Miliband abstaining, why not ask Meg Hillier (or, come to that, Caroline Lucas)?

  2. >it just occurred to me that you probably meant EM was blocking the Labour whip from pairing Huhne, rather than having been asked to do so himself. Whoops. Even so, the first bit still applies…

  3. >If you were a Labour backbencher, with a fairly limited number of students living in your constituency and a decent excuse, why would you turn up to vote tomorrow? To try and explain how your graduate tax isn't identical the the government's proposal months or years down the line? The Labour party has a massive incentive in getting as many LibDems to vote for the policy as possible and, for that matter, not bothering to turn up to vote against it either. The policy passing is only good news for the Labour party.

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