>Stripping the Week 29 November – 3 December 2010

>For once on the international football stage England put in the best possible performance this week, however the World Cup 2018 bid failed. It was probably always destined to, but Panorama didn’t help. In more positive sporting news the Ashes are well and truly under way. England batted brilliantly to save the 1st test, and started stormingly in the 2nd test last night.

Amateur Aaron Porter challenged Deputy PM Clegg to a dual this week, while the Government announced the vote on raising the tuition fees cap will take place next Thursday. Fun for all the family. Nobody really knows what Ed Miliband is up to now he is back though…

Lovely Phil Woolas gets in this week again, as today his appeal against the ruling of the Oldham East and Saddleworth special election court was, rightly, declined. Campaigning will go up a gear now as Woolas unlikely to continue legal proceedings,  and as the Lib Dems try to show they are still electorally viable, and Labour try to keep their seat.

Hero of the week: Eddie Afekafe – the Man City community worker who led England’s final 2018 pitch
Villain of the Week: Sepp Blatter

Listening to this week: Test Match Special
Reading this week: 22 Days in May by David Laws
Watching this week: The Ashes on Sky



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