>Coalition bashing reaches a new low

>It was always going to be hard to follow last week’s Paddy and Ken show, but on last night’s Question Time there was a particularly pathetic piece of coalition bashing. It wasn’t even from Ken Livngstone. No, one member of the audience, during the inevitable, dull discussion on the snow, got a microphone and piped up with the fantastic line:

“In terms of what Ken Livingstone mentioned [that should have been the warning-Ed] about these extreme weather conditions being more regular across the globe, is it fair to say that the coalition have lost the plot, if there ever was one, [cutting – Ed] on climate change?”


What?! Firstly, this is going to be the greenest government in Britain’s history. The Cameroons love a solar panel, and Chris Huhne is the Secretary of State, preparing one of the most comprehensive green strategies British government has ever seen.

Secondly, the Government has only been in power 7 months! They can clean up the economic mess of the last few years, but unfortunately turning the clock back on environmental damage and climate change is ever so slightly more complicated.


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