>Panorama should be ashamed


After enjoying football at it’s best in the shape of Barcelona, VN then witnessed sporting TV at its worst in the form of Panorama. The programme was meant to be a groundbreaking insight into corruption into FIFA, football’s governing body, instead it was cheap journalism that will do nothing but jeopardise England’s fantastic 2018 World Cup bid.

It was quite apparent from very early on that the reporter Andrew Jennings has a longstanding personal vendetta against FIFA. The programme was laden with innuendo, hearsay, and decade old accusations. Documents miraculously appeared, high ranking FIFA delegates were doorstepped, no answers were forthcoming. The programme always claimed that it was about exposing corruption not damaging the bid, yet it tried to discredit claims the England would benefit financial from hosting the tournament.

That is not to dismiss some of the concerns around FIFA, they are manifold both in terms football and finance. However, this programme was embarrassing, created not in the name of free press or investigative journalism, but simply to damage the 2018 bid for the sake of a journalists vendetta. Jennings and Panorama knew they would get attention by producing this programme in the lead up to the vote. They achieved nothing but looking like attention seeking children, and damaging the chance of England hosting a fantastic World Cup.


One Comment to “>Panorama should be ashamed”

  1. >FIFA are laughably corrupt at every level and the process of buying and selling WC votes has to stop. Unfortunate for us that the stories have broken when they have, but I'd sooner see these people brought to task now than have it swept under the carpet because it's expedient to do so.

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