>Clegg vs Porter…coming to a town hall near you

>The tuition fees debate just got a bit surreal today. Deputy PM, and Lib Dem Leader, Nick Clegg wrote an open to letter NUS President Aaron Porter politely outlining the absurdity of the NUS’ ‘Right to Recall’ campaign, and explaining why in many ways the coalitions proposals are much better than those of Porter’s beloved New Labour government, and indeed the NUS. In his essay of a response Porter challenges Clegg to a debate on the proposals in a public town hall meeting. Cue the ‘Rocky’ soundtrack.

VN suspects the DPM’s Office laughed with glee at this suggestion. Has Amateur Aaron forgotten the pasting Clegg gave both the then PM and Leader of the Opposition in at least two of the three leaders debates? The fee rise is an indefensible policy, but much of the remainder of the H.E. policy advocated by the coalition is not. That goes without mentioning what the proposals would look like had Clegg not been involved! Clegg would wipe the floor with Amateur Aaron, and perhaps go someway to putting this issue to bed.

The Labour front-NUS must no longer be allowed to dictate the countries political agenda. Clegg should, for once, rise to Amateur Aaron’s bait, and lance this particularly irritating red boil.


One Comment to “>Clegg vs Porter…coming to a town hall near you”

  1. >Bit of a strange claim that the NUS is a Labour front organisation. Any evidence for it?

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