>VN support Palin 2012


After the recent mid-term ‘shellacking’ handed out to President Obama’s Democrat’s his Presidential re-run is going to be a lot harder than imagined in the 2008 hay day. Or is it? 

If the rumours are true and Tea Party darling  Sarah Palin does mount a bid for the Presidency in 2012 we’re all for it. The presence of Palin on the bottom of the ticket in 2008 was enough to send anyone reasonable running to the Democrats. Let’s hope she wins the Republican nomination and pulls off the same trick in 2012!


One Comment to “>VN support Palin 2012”

  1. >You completely misunderstand America and its politics.The WORST thing for Obama in 2012 is Palin. The best is some generic cardboard cut-out such as Romney or that backwoods buffoon Huckabee. The rest of the field is merely coma inducing.Stop looking at Palin through the lens of your favourite media and do your own research on the woman. She did not cause McCain to lose —- the economic debacle caused him to have no chance. Don't believe me. I care not. But do yourself a favour. Listen to the Palin of 2008 and then listen to the Palin of 2010. I'll bet you can see the vast difference. Then ask yourself — what will she be like in another two years ?

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