>Stripping the Week 14-19 November 2010

>Everyone buy a new frock, there’s a wedding afoot! Yes, after seven years together Prince William and Catherine Middleton are finally tying the knot. He apparently proposed while they were on a trip in Kenya, and the news was apparently greeted by an expletive riddled outburst by younger brother Harry. VN suspects he won’t be in charge of the stag-do’s fancy dress theme

According to David Cameron’s enterprise adviser Lord Young, we’ve ‘never had it so good’. Neither has he, as he now has a lot more free time after being fired in good old fired/resignation

England have certainly had it better on the football pitch though. A dismal performance, by an admittedly young team, saw Capello’s team lucky to lose just 2-1 to the only team who managed to have a worse World Cup than them. Andy Carroll’s debut provided a silver lining, but the cloud over the three lions is looking increasingly heavy.

Hero of the week: Jon Stewart – for the brilliant ‘It Gets Worse’ video in support of repealing ‘Don’t ask Don’t Tell: 
Villain of the week: Fabio Capello

Listening to this week: Far East Movement – Like A G6
Reading this week: I – The new mini 20p paper from the Independent
Watching this week: Wallace and Gromit’s World of Invention – actually amazing!

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