>Thought the Blair/Brown infighting was history? Think again.

>War?! Huh! What is it good for?

Well according to Labour stopping inadequate, union backed, leadership candidates like Ed Miliband becoming leader apparently. Oh wait…

The Labour party are at it again. Seemingly bored of their favourite game, ‘let’s find things that the Lib Dems and Conservative’s disagree on,’ they have decided to fight amongst themselves. Again.In light of the sham of the recent leadership contest, that saw Ed Miliband narrowly defeat his older brother David with union support, they have gone for internal party reform. Again.

Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson has weighed in, saying he thinks the party should have a strict ‘one member one vote’ system, and has been supported by many other senior Blairite figures. They are basically discrediting the election of a new leader who they previously claimed would unify the party and lead it forward. Some things never change, and VN can’t help wondering if big brother Dave is pulling the strings against his brother from shadows of the backbenches. 


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