>Motion to ban all Liberal Democrat members using the word ‘values’ when making podium speeches

>No, dear Labour trolls, contain yourselves. This does not imply that such members do not have values. Far from it. In recent conferences, and tonights GLA selection hustings, (more of that tomorrow, try and contain the excitement,) it has emerged that many Liberal Democrat speakers love their values so much that they were keen to remind the audience they had them. Every. Single. Sentence. 

So we get it. There are still things that elected, and wannabe-elected, Liberal Democrats disagree with the Conservatives on. Great. That is why the coalition is made up of two different parties. But the word values in this context has now been rendered utterly meaningless. So do everyone a favour, tell the audience your priorities, indeed tell the audience what your values are, but stop using the phrase ‘Lib Dem values’ ad nauseum. It has no value anymore.


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