>Another boring PMQs let down

>Harriet Harman returned to face David Cameron in PMQs this week, as Ed Miliband is off on paternity leave. She, fairly successfully, took a line on cuts to policing. Looking passed the fact that Labour would have made Home Office cuts, she backed Cameron into a corner from which he failed to give a straight numbers answer. That said he did have the last laugh when she got personal with him over the photographer/videographer, rattling off a list of far more inappropriate Labour appointees….including Alistair Campbell. Covered by parliamentary privilege, (take note of its application Messrs. Chaytor et al,) he reiterated accusations that Campbell ‘sexed up’ the Iraq War dossier. 

Overall a pretty dull affair. No questions, no answers, and a slightly hysterical Mr. Speaker shouting down the Prime Minister in full flow. Don’t you just love democracy?


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