>’How to lose friends and alienate people’ – starring Aaron Porter and the NUS


The NUS now have a stated strategy to ‘decapitate’ any Liberal Democrat MP who breaks their pre-election pledge to vote against a rise in tuition fees in the next election. 

The political savvy of the NUS leadership is really shining through. They are now brazenly attacking the only major party who’s policy it is to ultimately remove tuition fees, and the party that have continually made the NUS’ case in Parliament. The NUS’ partisan allegiance to the Labour party has shown through once again, and they are alienating their political allies, left, right, and centre.

3 Comments to “>’How to lose friends and alienate people’ – starring Aaron Porter and the NUS”

  1. >The NUS were allied with the Liberal Democrats based on the promises that the Liberal Democrats made; they sought 'the student vote'.The Liberal Democrats are political masochists, they've allowed themselves to be dominated completely, only a few months into the coalition. So the NUS, as well as what I predict to be the majority of general Liberal Democrat voters (albeit not those with such a highly vested interest, such as yourself), have/will turn their back on the party.Any promises the Liberal Democrats made are now invalid and will be considered as such by the majority of the nation, in my opinion.

  2. >Not sure why MW thinks voters will think Lib Dems are any more significant at making invalid promises than the other two parties. Labour broke their promise on tuiton fees twice, once to introduce them and then again to raise them and would have followed the Browne report having commissioned it in the first place. Although the Lib Dems will be wrong to vote for the rise, in the real world people generally accept that coalition goverment is a compromise and I certainly accept that this means no one party gets what they want. Only the tribal fools caught up in day to day politics actually fail to get this, showing more than ever the disconnect with the real world.

  3. >As regards the real world, I must say that out of the 12 people I know to have voted lib dem, only the VN editor remains aligned with the party. What the LD heirarchy must understand is that 'cuddly labour alternative' is the ONLY route the lib dems had to holding significant influence. Those MPs who will be returned at the next election will be the distinguished constituency figures. I honestly can't see any new LD MPs getting elected unless there's a Khruschev-style disavowal of the past leader under whoever replaces 11% Clegg.

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