>Haye Vs Harrison: Nothing but an easy money spinner


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The clash of two British Heavyweight boxers was always going to pull in the punters.  However, the extent and ease with which Haye and Harrison were allowed to generate the millions they did do for this inevitable mismatch was astonishing.  Haye has developed a reputation as a man of having the gift of the gab, he is a marketer’s dream.  He can put down any opponent in a war of words due to his extreme confidence that crosses the line into arrogance, and he can make the most mundane of things seem interesting. Nevertheless, Haye has done his talking in the ring too with some impressive performances in previous fights.  Harrison however has been characterised as a failure for not building on his successful Olympic campaign in 2000, and had struggled to obtain the title shot he has always thought he deserved. 

Even though Harrison got his title shot on Saturday, many experts in the boxing field did not think this would be a worthwhile contest.  However, the media stirred up the action aided by the ritual wind ups amongst the boxers at press conferences and such like.  

Despite the challenging and determined words of Harrison, experts, bookies, and most fans, predicted an easy win for Haye.  Haye himself had predicted to his friends and family that the fight would go no longer than the third round.  Only a few people even muttered the suggestion that Harrison could cause an upset, which begs the question of how this was built up as a huge contest for what many thought was a formality.

Admittedly, as much as an underdog winning does much to inspire everyone watching, this was never going to be such an occasion. Twenty thousand fans packed out the MEN Arena while many more watched on Pay Per View.  Millions were generated, with both boxers pocketing handsomely. 

Do the millions spent by the fans of boxing seem well spent judging by the performance of both boxers? Not at all.  The first two rounds were uneventful with neither boxer wanting to throw a meaningful punch. The referee had to encourage both boxers to fight, causing the biggest positive reaction from the crowd on the night.  Yet Haye clearly knew he would win, he attacked in the third round and floored Harrison who had no reply.  The match was over. Months of hype and millions of pounds were generated for no more than eight minutes work for both boxers.  An excess of one million pounds is not a bad loser’s prize for a man who only had to take a few punches before hitting the deck.

In future, such mismatches cannot happen. It will generate bad publicity for the sport, and the fans who were left frustrated at what they saw on Saturday will become disillusioned with the sport.  After all the work boxing has done to enhance its reputation and popularity as a sport in recent years, it would be a shame to throw it all away, but that is what will happen if such mismatches occur again.


2 Comments to “>Haye Vs Harrison: Nothing but an easy money spinner”

  1. >Been happening in boxing for years though, and nowhere more so than in the heavyweight division. Look at some of the bums and tomato cans that Tyson and Bruno fought; even the great Muhammad Ali had to defend his title against the likes of Jean-Pierre Coopman and Richard Dunn, neither of whom were much more than journeymen but who would have put Audrey away fairly quickly in their prime.

  2. >Boxing is a pastime for barbarians. How can two people trying to punch the living daylights out of each other be regarded as sport?

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