>Stripping the Week 7-12 November 2010

>This week London turned into Paris. Led by Comrade Porter, 50,000 students and lecturers descended onto Westminster to show their opposition to proposed rises in tuition fees, and cuts to education. While it would be deeply unfair to not point out that most of the march passed peacefully, what will remain in everyones memory are the scenes of violence at Millbank Tower, where Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) is housed. There were also smaller scenes of disruption outside Liberal Democrat HQ in Cowley Street, and no severe damage reported. VN fears that the legitimate case surrounding higher fears just got tossed away, like the fire extinguisher off the top of Millbank.

Picture via Guido Fawkes

Dramatic domestic events rather overshadowed the Prime Minister’s trip to China. He led his delegation on a business mission, and a controversially defiant decision to wear poppies. This stoked memories of the opium wars for the Chinese, but should be praised by the British as working with, not bowing down to Beijing’s every whim. 

This week has also brought the new that three former Labour MPs will face court over their expenses. At the same time Phil Woolas continues in vain to get a judicial review into the decision to void his election.

Hero of the week: Whoever swung it so there was no Lib Dem on Question Time this week!
Villain of the week: The idiots on the top of Millbank Tower

Listening to this week: Florence and the Machine – Lungs
Reading this week:  DJ Mag top 100 issue
Watching this week: An awfully dull Manchester derby


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