>How to win a judicial review, by Phil Woolas

>Continuing his tantrum like a petulant toddler, Phil Woolas has transformed himself from an incompetent immigration minister and purveyor of provocative campaign literature, to a political prisoner. Luckily though he is fighting the legal judgement via an appeal via his website, which includes the well known tactic in legal circles….mock the judiciary.

The black and white Victorian picture demonstrating how Woolas has been wronged by an outdated legal system is fantastic. ‘IT’S THE 21ST CENTURY, WE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BE RACIST AND TELL LIES DAMMIT’.

The idea that Woolas is now some upholder of political freedom and integrity is more laughable than can be expressed via mere digital dots on a screen. Frightening though, how much grassroots Labour support he stills seems to have.

Woolas has managed to make it Stateside though, being appropriately mocked by Jon Stewart in yesterdays ‘Daily Show’

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