>Tuition fees protest demolishes its own argument


Today students took to the streets of Westminster to protest against cuts in education and a rise in tuition fees. Unfortunately some took the name of the protest, ‘Demolition’, a bit too literally, and chose to kick in windows at CCHQ. Well…what do you expect from Trots….

All these so called protestors have done is damage the cause of those who try to raise this issue in legitimate political forums, of which peaceful protest is one. The NUS deserves criticism for making the campaign so partisan, and personal against Nick Clegg. They also deserve criticism for pathetically calling it ‘Demolition, further stoking up all sorts of emotions. However, they are not directly responsible for the actions of a minority of people who came to their protest.

The protestors have done what those who support higher fees wanted, delegitimise their argument, and provide a reasonable excuse to ignore them.  The windows in CCHQ will be fixed by tomorrow, the legitimacy of the anti-fees movement will take a lot longer to restore. All the rioters have demolished is their own argument.

3 Comments to “>Tuition fees protest demolishes its own argument”

  1. >They didn't want an argument – they just wanted to smash stuff up and perpetuate their pathetic class war. As usual the hard/anarchist left hijack a legitimate movement and subvert it to vent their incoherent rage at a world that doesn't want their vision of Utopia foisted upon it.

  2. >This is clearly a biased report. Who are you to say that the cause has been delegitimised? How does a minority breaking a window delegitimise a cause?Call it a crime of passion; the Liberal Democrats have sold out all those students who voted for them – especially those who voted for them principally for the proposed abolition of tuition fees – for the Tories.If I saw Nick Clegg in the street, I doubt I would think of the consequences of my actions before I executed them. They should all be relieved of their seats, they've conned the voting public to acquire them and abused their 'power'.And that's coming from someone who didn't even vote for the Liberal Democrats.

  3. >MW, During the elections the Liberal Democrats could make any promises they wished as they knew after countless election defeats that they did not have a chance of winning!? Also do you have any idea of what the cost of free tuition fees would be? It is not ecconomically feasible for the governement to pay our fees. I am a student myself, and i do not expect anyone to pay my fees. University is my choice, why should someone else pick up the bill for that?It was not a 'crime of passion'. It was a group of 'want to be anarchists' reveling in thier fifteen minutes of fame and tarnishing the reputations of ALL students.

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