>Labour lecture on hypocrisy, but still won’t back AV


For months anybody who has had the misfortune to turn on the television or radio and hear a Labour politician speaking has probably heard them shouting obsessively about ‘Lib Dem sellouts’ and ‘Lib Dems abandoning their principles’. Nonsense of course, as anyone who as has read the coalition agreement or seen any legislation passed in the last sixth months can testify. They also like to go on about ‘manifesto commitments as if they are some iron clad immovable object whatever circumstances a government finds itself in. 

So, you would, assume, they will be sticking to all their manifesto commitments, by voting accordingly as the party of opposition. It may came as a surprise, although probably not, to discover they are not actually sticking to this. If you go to section 9:2 of their 2010 manifesto there are quite clearly three references to political change and the Alternative Vote. However, despite Leader Ed Miliband saying he wants to back the referendum,  the Labour party have still not officially said the will campaign for fairer votes, and have in fact tried to stop the Bill that will pass the legislation going through multiple times. They say that is because the referendum will be on the same day as local elections, but it is just petty opposition politics. Seemingly Labour either don’t want to help get a high turnout, or just think the electorate are stupid and can’t cope with more than one ballot on any given day. 

Either way, the lectures on hypocrisy should stop, because it is beginning to look just a bit hypocritical.

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